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Here at sideEffekt we see technology as just another tool for your business. For most business owners though, choosing the right, most up to date tools from the many varying and rapidly changing technologies, can be a time consuming, stressful and costly exercise – but it doesn’t need to be.

sideEffekt chooses technology that best meet your needs and implements this with a minimum of fuss. We supply, provide education on, and then assist you, if you need help with the following products:

  • Managed Technology Support Services
  • Software development/customisation
We include education with all products as we place a lot of importance on training you and your staff on how to use the technology to its fullest potential. This increases productivity and greatly reduces downtime. Simply put, you can get on with business as your technology just works – every day. We then manage, monitor and support these tools for a fixed monthly fee. Easy to budget, no surprises. Alternatively you can simply choose to pay as you go. Our vision for IT is standardisation: “Standardisation = stability, cost effectiveness, consistency and reliability”. Our mission for sideEffekt is: “To provide Technology products and services to clients who share the same vision, in a pro-active and managed environment. To provide education and training allowing our clients to get the full advantages of their technology. Our products are designed to bring your IT environment under control, have it conform to standards and provide pro-active management and continual improvements, putting your business ahead of the technology curve.  Being proactive means issues are resolved, not ‘bandaided’ and services are not designed to be reactionary, where we are fixing the same issues, repeatedly.  IT is a tool that all businesses need but few can devote the required in-house resources or money to manage and optimise effectively – this is where sideEffekt can assist”. We have been a provider of Technology products, services and advice to clients in the public and private sectors for over 20 years. This gives sideEffekt the experience to deliver the best services for your business for now and in the future.

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We are currently working on something new and we will be back soon. Thank you for your patience. e: support@sideeffekt.com  p: 1300 737899