Managed Data Protection

About Managed Data Protection

Your data is the most valuable asset in your business, which means secure storage and protection of your electronic data is critical, as is the ability to quickly restore it in the event of a disaster.

sideEffekt’s Managed Data Protection (MDP) service encrypts then backs up or replicates your data and stores it in our secure data warehouse facility. Anything from just one file that was accidentally deleted, to your entire system if you have a disaster, can be easily restored.

If you lose your hardware in a disaster there is no need to worry about waiting for your new hardware to arrive, you will be back up and running again quickly as we will restore your system to one of our servers in our data centre and you and your staff can continue to work from anywhere, all you need is an internet connection.

Our MDP service is a full data management service, not just data backup and ensures you meet record keeping legislation as your data is stored for the required seven years. Some insurance companies will even reduce your premiums simply by utilising our service.

Our pay by the month service is based on enterprise grade solutions with multiple levels of redundancy for maximum availability. Our data protection solution combines the latest advancements in
disk based backup with secure, integrated online storage.

We offer businesses recovery of their critical business data whilst freeing their staff for more value driven tasks, also removing the burden of the removal of data and storing safely off site, protecting it from local disasters.

MDP allows your servers, workstations or notebooks to backup on a daily basis (or more times if required) to our remote site without the cost of purchasing and operating your own backup drives and tape libraries. In addition, the service includes disaster recovery protection for your servers by means of a monthly off site server image service.

With MDP, your data is stored at a highly secure, off-site location, your data remains safe. we encrypt all of your data before it is transmitted and keep it encrypted in the off -site location, so only authorised users with the correct keys can decrypt it. Hosted customers can also have a copy of your data replicated back to your own office. This gives you the peace of mind of your data secure in the data centre, with a further copy at your own site.

MDP takes the protection of your data one step further, unlike other off site solutions, and covers the disaster recovery component of your IT as well.

Our MDP is a complete data protection and data management solution as data protection is not a single activity or one-time event. Its a multi-step, complex workflow of interconnected processes that extend far beyond simple on-site backup, including:
– Backup or replication of critical data on another device
– Database and open file protection, database log truncation and integrity
– Database maintenance and server defragmentation plans
– Removal of replicated data to an off -site location to protect it against man-made or natural disasters
– Storage of replicated data that both protects and organises data so that it can be easily and quickly recovered
– Test data recovery and test disaster recovery scenarios
– Recovery of replicated data from storage whenever and wherever needed

Any work relating to server maintenance or support, end user support and network related items are not included. See Managed Server, Managed Workstation, Managed Connect (including Managed Security, Managed Router, Managed 4G router, Managed Mail Filter, Managed FIrewall, Managed Switches, Managed Bridges) products to include these items.