Managed Firewall

sideEffekt’s Threat Management Package includes everything that comes with the Managed Router and adds:
– Spam filtering
– Stateful Firewall – this is not simply looking at source and destination IP’s, it looks further into the traffic to ensure there are no viruses or other unwanted traffic
– Traffic Shaper – Quality of Service – allowing you to prioritise which traffic is more important
– Two-Factor Authentication ( 2FA )
– Captive Portal
– Virtual Private Network – Allow your external staff and offices to connect securely
– High Availability
– Filtering caching proxy – This allows you to report on internet usage (We can help you put an internet usage policy and/or security audit in place)
– Inline intrusion prevention
– Multi-WAN Load Balancing
– High Performance TCP/HTTP Load Balancer
– Let’s Encrypt support
– Network Flow Monitoring
– Reporting and Analysis