Managed Workstation

About Managed Workstation

Under Managed Workstation we become your technology helpdesk for a fixed monthly fee. Your IT budget becomes known and easy to manage without the unexpected costs of an ad-hoc/break/fix service charged by the hour.

Managed Workstation delivers a well performing, standardised environment which in turn allows for reduction in issues, increased productivity and the ability to offer support in a timely manner when required. We take ownership of your technology problems. We may not be performing the actual work if, for example, the problem relates to line of business application software, but we will liaise with and co-ordinate the required vendors and ensure that the work is completed. This alleviates the “finger pointing” that can sometimes occur and also means you never need to think about who to contact when there is a problem. You simply contact us and we take care of it from there.

Education is one of the most important components to Managed Workstation. Having staff that can use systems well, understand the best way to carry out their tasks and utilise their systems, has been proven to enhance productivity. This also increases users’ confidence and allows them to be more self sufficient in their day to day tasks.

With Managed Workstation your environment is proactively maintained and standardised. Problems, and downtime are reduced, and productivity is significantly increased through this “whole of
business” approach to technology management.

The addition of Managed Connect and Managed Data Protection to your products will then provide management and support of your internet connection, security, back up and disaster recovery,
which then aff ords your business complete coverage of your foundations and end points.

In summary Managed Workstation is sideEffekt’s end user/device support product. This product moves away from ad-hoc support where things break, we fix and you pay for them.

Take advantage of our bundle packages which includes the user’s device and office productivity software (Office365/GoogleApps/Hosted Exchange and Microsoft Office). There are two levels of bundles, giving you the option of a desktop/PC for an office bound worker or a higher speced device for mobile workers/power users. When its time for a new device, you simply return the old device to us and we replace it with a new one. We look after all repairs and warranty claims for these devices.

Program Entry
Customers wishing to have Managed Workstation will have an audit of their existing infrastructure undertaken. (Costs may apply). If required, a report including an estimate of costs to bring the
environment into line with best practices will be provided. Once all work is complete to satisfy best practices, the Managed Workstation Agreement can commence.

Support of the user including maintenance of their user account, profile, device, and supported software applications. Includes configuring and support of business access from home devices.

Support of user’s tablet and mobile phone (not including hardware fixes)

Support of line of business applications (e.g. MYOB,Quickbooks) where a valid support agreement is in place with the software vendor.

Staff Education

Proactive maintenance and standardisation of environment.

Installation of printer drivers, supporting print spooling (customer must have support agreement in place for the printer hardware itself)

Phones – support is included if the phone system was purchased from us.

If a valid backup service is in place, restoration of end files is included in the instance

Hardware repairs/warranty work. (This is included if you have a Managed Workstation Bundle)

Assistance with third party software where no support agreement is in place with the vendor.

Phones – not purchased from us.

If we become aware of work that is required to be done to resolve or avoid issues we will seek approval for that work.If approval is not given and issues arise due to this work not being completed, all work required to resolve the issue is not covered.

Any work relating to or arising from switches, bridges, routers, back ups, firewalls, server maintenance and support. See Managed Server, Managed Data Protection, Managed Connect (including Managed Security, Managed Router, Managed 4G router, Managed Mail Filter, Managed FIrewall, Managed Switches, Managed Bridges) products to include these items.